Sharon Raimo
CEO, St. Coletta of Greater Washington.

Sharon Raimo is the Chief Executive Officer of St. Coletta of Greater Washington. Under the leadership of Sharon Ramio for the past 17 years, St. Coletta has become one of the top special education providers in the greater Washington area by working with students and adults who have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, many with additional physical and behavioral challenges. In addition to being a former special education teacher, an assistant principal for the Capital Hill Cluster Schools, she has been a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Association for Administration and Curriculum Development and the Association for Retarded Citizens. Ms. Raimo has been recognized as a special education visionary and advocate: she was named one of the "Washingtonians of 2003" by Washingtonian Magazine and received the "Principals of Excellence" award by the Washington Post in November 2004.

When Ms. Raimo was hired by St. Coletta in 1993, the school had 19 students and a budget of $250,000. Ms. Raimo was hired to close the school. Today, St. Coletta of Greater Washington serves over 335 individuals and has a budget of nearly $20 million.