Shawna Vercher
Author of "A Fearless Voice", Media Strategist and Political Correspondent

Shawna Vercher is currently the host of the radio talk show "The Shawna Vercher Show", a non-partisan call-in show discussing politics and current events. She was recently named the President of the national civic advocacy group My America, an organization created to restore balance to the national political conversation by reclaiming patriotism and engaging American voters.

Shawna has served as a technology advisor to Governor Jeb Bush, on the national Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama and as the CEO of a Tampa-based consulting firm. Additionally, Shawna is a syndicated columnist for the Huffington Post, with an article that was recently published by the Wall Street Journal, and a nationally-renown public speaker who is working on her first book.

Media contacts and experience from her political consulting propelled Shawna into the national spotlight and enabled her to work with prestigious businesses and public figures throughout the country and for her to be named as a media pioneer.

Shawna is an advocate for human rights and her passion is motivating people to mobilize for positive change.

To know Shawna is to know that she:
* Was born in Texas and considers herself both a Texan and a Floridian.
* Went to Florida State University and is an avid Seminole football fan.
* Married her FSU college sweetheart Jason and has one daughter, both of whom are fantastically awesome.
* Loves music, particularly when it involves karaoke.

Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shawnavercher.

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