Sheneka Adams
Model, actress, blogger

Sheneka Adams is the definition of your fantasy girl. With hypnotizing brown eyes, the face of a porcelain doll and the curves of a Nubian goddess, its hard to believe the authentic Georgia peach is as sweet inside as she is outside.

As a kid growing up in Athens, GA the mischievous brown-eyed girl loved being the center of attention. “I was always getting into stuff and constantly pushing the limits. If someone told me not to do something, I absolutely had to do it,” Sheneka says. A self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl, Sheneka never met an audience she couldn’t charm. Her younger years were filled with dance lessons, cheerleading uniforms and honor roll report cards. She recalls participating in all types of sports including track and field, softball and basketball. Looking back Sheneka admits her love of athletics could’ve been related to her love of having a captive audience.

As a teen Sheneka’s role model was her father. The successful businessman was the first black man to play baseball in the county and later transitioned that success into a million dollar business. While Sheneka’s father doted on her and cultivated his daughter as a social southern belle, he also taught her the value and rewards of hard work. Working for her father enabled her to help her mother and her siblings, but most importantly it showed her that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it.

It wasn’t long before she became aware of another avenue to claim the spotlight. A huge Beyonce fan, Sheneka was intrigued with magazines, music videos and movies featuring her favorite heroine. “I thought her attitude was so fly,” she says. Her penchant for entertainment became an obsession. Sheneka immediately knew she’d found her niche. She wanted to be a star. She wanted all eyes on her, and she wanted them to stay there.

Sheneka’s high school years were filled with daydreams of being on television and gracing the covers of magazines. Classmates were skeptical and discouraged the girl they nicknamed “Dot Dot” because of her unique freckles, from chasing the stars. Sheneka never lost sight of her dreams but knew she had to leave Athens if she was serious about achieving her goals. After high school she headed to Atlanta, the new black Hollywood, determined to see her dreams transition to reality.

Not long after relocating to Atlanta, Sheneka did a photo shoot with a photographer she met on online. The camera loved her and film lens adored her; soon Sheneka found herself starring in a video with Soulja Boy and Bow Wow for their hit single “Marco Polo.” Almost overnight, Sheneka was one of the most in-demand models in the south. Casting directors were vying to cast her, promoters began booking her to host their parties, and she was a hot ticket for publicists at social events.

With the magazines and videos came the attentions of the ballers, rappers and of course the tabloids. Sheneka’s name was soon tied to everyone from professional athletes to chart-topping artists and yet the southern beauty remained undaunted by her sudden celebrity. Although she yearned for the fame, being treated as a sex symbol was often uncomfortable for her. “At heart I’m a simple girl and I like simple things. Little things make me happy,” she reveals.

Little things may make her happy, but Sheneka’s goals were never simple. Today she is focused on growing her brand and heading a million dollar empire. A beauty correspondent, she currently has a deal with a cosmetics company and several others on the table, as well as her own hair extensions line, S.Adams Collection. “I want to get into so many things and I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to have a voice,” Sheneka says. In addition to being a spokesperson, Sheneka authors a popular self help blog ( and is currently working on a book.

What began with a pretty little girl watching her father’s example, has blossomed into a business-savvy young woman who plans to utilize her voice to lead an empire. In addition to entertainment, Sheneka enjoys doing non-profit work and making a difference in the lives of young women. She enjoys interacting with her females on twitter and Instagram and giving advice to young girls who have stars in their eyes like she did years ago in Athens. “You have to know what path you want to take in life and then you need a strong team, she advises. Years ago Sheneka Adams visualized where she is today, and today she sees her future is even brighter.