Shlomit I. Cohen

Dr. Shlomit Cohen has extensive academic and practical experience in the area of Organizational Psychology. She has served as both an organizational consultant as well as an employee of many successful companies in The USA and The Far East. She’s worked in a variety of industries including, financial, aerospace, airline and education. Shlomit’s expertise is in change and project management, training, diversity, leadership, teams and process improvement. Shlomit has supported major corporate changes such as IT implementations, reorganizations and development of new academic programs. Most recently, Shlomit holds a position in a medical school and has strong experience in design and implementation of effective instructional programs and materials. Shlomit has supported the integration of technology to enhance teaching and learning as well as increase productivity and efficiency. She’s also an Adjunct Faculty of Motivation and Leadership undergraduate courses. Shlomit is married with three beautiful children ages 6, 3 and 8 month-old baby. Her personal interests include music, art, reading, baking and spending quality time with her family.

Additionally, Shlomit has teamed up with two other colleagues to write a book on positive change and family, work-life balance. This book came to life through their professional and personal experiences. They have shifted the organizational theories that have been implemented in the workplace to their personal sphere. Their hypothesis: If it works in the workplace, why not apply it at home? It worked for them, it can work for you!