Shubhro Saha
Intel Science Talent Search Finalist

Shubhro Saha from Avon, CT is one of 40 finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search, America’s most elite high school science competition, which encourages the country’s future leaders to satisfy their endless curiosity by exploring how the world works and develop solutions for global challenges. Shubhro is currently in Washington, D.C. where he is competing with 39 other young scientists for the top prize of $100,000 from the Intel Foundation.

For the Intel Science Talent Search, Shubhro, who is a student in Wallingford, CT, performed research on an alternative method of electrolysis for hydrogen production. Currently, only about four percent of the world’s hydrogen energy is made through sustainable water electrolysis, which uses platinum as the catalyst for proton reduction. Shubhro researched the possibility of using a nickel catalyst for electrolysis, which may be more cost-effective and durable than platinum. Using a supercomputer to model the reaction, he identified a possible mechanism for the interaction of the catalyst in hydrogen production. His algorithm’s approach may also allow scientists to more efficiently predict reaction pathways in the future. Shubhro hopes to someday become the CEO of a hydrogen energy company.