Sidney Switzer

Sidney Switzer is 17 year old high school student who lives in Western Pennsylvania. She has been taking high school classes since 7th grade, AP classes since 9th grade, and has been dual enrolled on full scholarship at Clarion University since 10th grade. Sidney also trains 6 days a week for softball, and last January was chosen to represent the United States in Amsterdam’s World Cup.

She has also been part of a returning panel at Out &Equal Workplace Summit where she speaks about being a child of LGBT parents. In 2013, at 15, she put together a panel of speakers, and they presented the first workshop ever produced by youth at the Out & Equal Summit in Minneapolis.

In December of 2014, she went in front of her school board to create one of the first Gay Straight Alliances in a cyber school environment. As a student leader, she plays a integral role in teaching and leading the club.

After high school, she plans to study communications and international relations.