Simone Shubuck

Simone Shubuck received her BFA from the San Francisco Art institute in 1993. She is a self-taught florist and working artist. She got her start in floral design fifteen fears ago when she began arranging flowers for Babbo Ristorante in New York’s West Village. She is one of a number of artists who is devoted to drawing and works on paper almost exclusively. She has had solo exhibitions in New York at Alleged Gallery and LFL (Zach Feuer) as well as Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco and Kantor Feuer, Los Angeles. Her work is in the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawing Collection at The Museum of Modern Art and The New York Public library. She is currently in a solo show called "Do You Like Old Things or New Things That Look Old?" in Taylor De Cordoba's brand new gallery space in Los Angeles. She works and lives in Chelsea, NYC with her husband and son.