Siobhan Benita
Former London Mayoral Candidate

Who is she?

Siobhan resigned from her senior Whitehall job to run as an independent candidate in the Mayor of London election. She secured nearly 300,000 votes and came extremely close to the Green Party and Liberal Democrat candidates, a remarkable result for a previously unknown candidate with no party backing. Siobhan has said that she would like to remain in politics.

Career history:

Siobhan joined the Civil Service in 1996 and worked at the heart of Government for over 15 years. She developed polices relating to the environment, local government and transport. As a senior official at the Cabinet Office she led major projects across Government and has worked with ministers and officials at the very highest levels. Siobhan knows how political decisions get made and is experienced at working with a range of senior people – from across the public and private sectors - to get things done.

During her career Siobhan has devoted a lot of her time to improving diversity and, in particular, gender equality, in the workplace. She is passionate about improving opportunities for everyone and wants to use this campaign to speak for people and groups who don’t usually get heard.