Sony Kapoor
Ex-investment banker and Managing Director of Re-Define

Sony Kapoor is the Managing Director of Re-Define ( Rethinking Development, Finance & Environment, an international Think Tank. A prominent expert on international finance and development, Sony started his career in Investment Banking and Derivative Trading. In 2003 he quit to work on reforming the financial system, promote international development and help create a more sustainable and fairer economy.

Kapoor has worked in a policy advisory and strategy consulting capacity for international organizations such as the World Bank, UN & UNDP, international NGOs such as Oxfam & Christian Aid, financial institutions such as the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India & Lehman Brothers and governments including that of Norway. He has studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, University of Delhi and the London School of Economics.

Kapoor has been a leading actor and advocate on issues such as debt cancellation, action against tax havens, promoting innovative sources of financing and reforming the financial system and is a key adviser to several governments, parliaments, multilateral agencies, political parties, unions and NGOs. In the past 6 years, Sony has helped create the Tax Justice Network, Europeans for Financial Reform and Re-Define.

He is often sought out by finance ministries, foreign ministries, parliaments, international agencies and non profit agencies for his incisive expertise on finance, international affairs and the economy. Kapoor is also an accomplished speaker and commentator and is often invited to deliver stimulating Key Note speeches and write invited Op-Eds in some of the world's leading papers.