Stephanie Be
Instagram: @StephBeTravel - Professional Traveler, Travel-Break.net

I am a UCLA-trained writer, social media expert, and bon vivant. A lover of all things spontaneous, I have a fervent passion for travel, culture, philanthropy and technology, and I have lived, sometimes on a whim, in Sydney, Barcelona, and Rio de Janeiro; although, I currently reside in the City of Angels.

After trading a “dream” corporate career for a one-way ticket, I worked remotely as a freelance copywriter; and media and marketing strategist. Twenty-eight countries later, I created TRAVELBREAK. The world is my office.

I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and Matador Network, and I have been featured on Forbes. Find me first and foremost on TRAVELBREAK.

Join 61.5k travelers who follow me as I frolic across the globe. If you aren’t interested in the Sangria Familia, I mean Sagrada Familia, you probably aren’t any fun anyways.




You can find original posts on her blog www.travelbreak.net If you have no interest in the Sangria Familia, I mean Sagrada Familia, you're probably not any fun anyways.

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