Stephanie Fiteni
Digital Marketing Specialist, Writer, Speaker, Content Marketing & Visibility Coach (for Businesses & CEOs)

A web consultant since 2003, Stephanie co-founded Defined Branding in 2008 and added many arrows to her bow through vast experience acquired delivering targeted online marketing campaigns for Retailers and Business to Business whilst servicing a portfolio of over 50 local and international clients over a period of 7 years.

Her work includes developing strategy, outlining KPI’s, Project Management and also coaching of in-house staff in order to ensure thorough follow-through of Digital Strategies for clients.

She currently coaches business owners and CEOs who want to position themselves as Industry experts and gain online visibility. Her two great passions are writing and technology - the two meet in that wonderful sweet spot called Blogging.

Her coding background helps her ensure all content produced is highly SEO-ed and the lovely people at Defined Branding help provide high quality Online video and other killer online content to complement her content. Stephanie has also been a Digital Marketing trainer and Speaker for over 6 years.