Stephen Sidwell
Founder and CEO, LYFE Kitchen, Retail

Steve Sidwell is the Founder of LYFE Kitchen and President and CEO of LYFE Kitchen Retail, Inc. A personal quest for a healthier lifestyle inspired Steve to rethink his lifelong relationship with food, up the nutritional density of his diet, and shed 35 pounds. Now, buoyed by the knowledge gleaned from that life-altering experience, this slimmed-down investment banker is turning his efforts to developing and managing LYFE Kitchen. Having founded five different companies, the most successful of which generated revenues of $200 million within three years, Mr. Sidwell has also had experience with companies in the retail food industry including a company involved in private label and branded food products. Mr. Sidwell is the Founder and CEO of Devante Capital, a boutique investment banking firm. His background includes retail, franchising, real estate syndication and management. Steve Sidwell has raised nearly one billion dollars to fund these various companies.