Steve Sheffey
Pro-Israel and political activist

Steve Sheffey has long been active in the pro-Israel community and in Jewish communal life. He served on the Board of CityPAC, Chicago’s premier pro-Israel political action committee, for seven years, including two years as its President. He is a life-long member of AIPAC. In 1992, he ran for delegate pledged to Tom Harkin in what was then the Illinois’s 9th Congressional District and in 2012 he was elected to serve as a Barack Obama delegate from the 10th Congressional District of Illinois. He has volunteered in various capacities in the Congressional campaigns of Abner Mikva, Robert Weinberger, Sid Yates, John Cullerton, Lauren Beth Gash, Dan Seals, and Brad Schneider. He is the author of “God Has Brought Me Laughter,” a collection of jokes organized by the Torah portion of the week. The views he presents in his writings and talks do not necessarily represent the views of any organization he is or has been associated with, and unless otherwise noted, he does not write or speak on behalf of these organizations.

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