Steven G. Brant
Project Director & Chief Designer, The World Of Our Dreams

Steve Brant is an independent researcher, theorist, and speaker on how a peaceful and prosperous world can be achieved by solving our problems the way engineers do: treating them as design challenges.

Steve is the Project Director & Chief Designer of The World Of Our Dreams, a new 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization under development that will teach people, businesses and governments how to create world peace by design.

Since 1979, Steve has known that zero-sum, scarcity-based economic theory is obsolete and must be replaced by abundance-based principles for this goal to be achieved. Steve's focus is on educating ordinary individuals and bringing them into the sustainable development process, knowing that the world's political leaders will not implement "version 2.0" of our global sociopolitical economic system until the people demand it.

Steve's civil engineering background enables him to understand the "built environment" side of human society, while his studies in the fields of organizational development, corporate social responsibility, and politics enable him to understand the developmental challenges the world faces.

Steve's work is based on the landmark research of systems theorists Drs. R. Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Deming, and Russell L. Ackoff.

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