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(SLU) is the brainchild of former fashion magazine editor and celebrity stylist Elisa Goodkind and her twenty-one year old daughter, Lily Mandelbaum. It resulted from their disenchantment with what “fashion” has become, a marketing machine that seeks to marginalize its audience's individuality for the sake of making money. SLU was founded on the idea that fashion and style have become two separate entities. While the site marks these distinctions clearly, it ultimately seeks to blend them in a way that reflects their intended relationship - seamlessly integrated, rather than polar opposites.

With SLU, Elisa and Lily have created an online magazine that is designed to be an inspirational and empowering experience to the reader/viewer. It contains "in closet" video interviews featuring personal narratives and photos of unique tastemakers from around the world. Each SLU muse provides new insight into their personal brand of style, music, literature, travel, beauty, home, art and food. In addition to closet interviews, the site regularly features editorials, using a closet muse as the subject of a captivating conceptual fashion fantasies, and dynamic original content generated by a team of talented writers and photographers.

By allowing individuals to speak freely about their personal style, SLU offers a platform to a growing roster of true cultural innovators, free from the clutches of the marketing machine. The site challenges the audience to reexamine the personal aspect of the creation of fashion and style. Since the person should make clothing come alive, instead of the other way around, we strive to present a holistic view of style by highlighting the connection between the outer facade and the inner person.

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