Success 3.0
Our mission is to inspire a new vision of success which invites us to wake up, grow up and show up in every dimension of our lives.

Our Mission is to inspire the evolution of consciousness which is, at its core, the evolution of love, enacted through every human being Waking Up, Growing Up, and Showing Up as their Unique Self. Every Unique Self is an incarnation of the outrageous love intelligence which is the initiating and animating energy of all-that-is. Unique Selves come together as a Unique Self Symphony whose commitment and creativity have the capacity to meet every global and personal challenge which confronts us. The method of the Success 3.0 Summit and movement is to bring key thought leaders and change-agents together to collaboratively evolve a bold new Integral vision of Success. The collaborative nature of Success 3.0 is accomplished by cross-speaker interviews, informal speaker dialogues & panels, music and art, and open Q&A sessions all within the broad framework of inspired activism, Integral and Unique Self theory.