Suna Senman
Author of “Peace” and "The Dragon Adventure"

Suna Senman LMSW, CSW, CTIM, CED is a life transformation facilitator who specializes in wellness counseling, childhood development, peace education, and diversity training. Through this work, she helps people expand their sense of self, release their illusion of separation, develop nurturing partnerships, and consciously design a harmonious life path. She is the author of Being (2009) and Peace (2013) and the holistic peace education children's book, The Dragon Adventure. Senman writes and speaks on topic in various media. For more information, visit www.sunasenman.com

Suna is founder of World Foundation for Original Human Development (WFOHD) spearheading peace education for all ages including the LiTPEACE (Life Transformation through Peace Education and Children’s Empowerment) program.




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