Susan Garcia Trieschmann
Founder, Curt's Café

A longtime volunteer and food services entrepreneur, Susan Garcia Trieschmann merged her passion for food and service by founding Curt’s Café (Cultivating Unique Restaurant Training), a nonprofit restaurant that provides at-risk youth hands-on job and life skills training.

As an original member of Restorative Justice Evanston, a nonprofit organization helping criminal offenders and their victims make peace with one another and reintegrate into society, Susan learned the best way to prevent repeat offenses in offenders was to help them find jobs. With this in mind, Susan founded Curt’s Café as a way to help young offenders between ages 15 to 24 break the cycle by providing skill sets and work experience necessary to succeed. Curt’s Café gives them a chance to redefine themselves and feel a part of their communities through mentorship and active, ongoing support.