Susan Pearse

Author, mind gardener and attention activist www.mindgardener.com

Susan Pearse is an author and co-founder of Mind Gardener. She is passionate about waking up the world and reviving the dying art of paying attention. She helps people rediscover the vibrancy of a full life through connecting in with the present moment. Through Mind Gardener’s award winning Conscious Leadership program, she and co-founder Martina Sheehan, teach businesses to harness the power of attention. Their best selling book Wired for Life: retrain your brain and thrive has helped many people let go of their fears and start creating the life they want. Their second book One Moment Please: time to revive the dying art of paying attention (due for release by Hay House in March 2015) has already been dubbed “a real wake up call” for the modern world. Find her at Mind Gardener.