Suzie Abdou
Specialist on democracy, governance & gender in MENA. World traveler and humanitarian, serving the world. Manages www.laborandhope.com.

Suzie Abdou is an international development specialist on democracy, governance and gender in the Middle East & North Africa region. In June 2015, she returned from an international post in the Jordan field office of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs where she managed their Women’s Political Participation & Parliamentary Development program.

Previously, Suzie served as the Director of Global Programs at Women's Voices Now, where she was responsible for developing and implementing their international programs based on their short film festival, "Women's Voices from the Muslim World”.

She has worked for several Arab film festivals both domestically and internationally including the Dubai International Film Festival, Tunisian Film Festival in Los Angeles, and the Arab Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Suzie is regularly called upon by public radio and news television programs to comment on the 2011 Egyptian revolution and its aftermath. She is fluent in Arabic and has lived in and traveled throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

In early 2016, Suzie led a needs assessment and service mission in the refugee camps of Greece, Serbia and France for Servant Group International.

She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science/International Relations from the University of California Riverside and a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Ancient Greek from Loyola Marymount University. Follow her work at www.laborandhope.com, Twitter: @suzieabdou and IG: suzieabdou