Tanushree Ghosh
Engineer, Writer, Artist, Activist

Currently working for an Engineering Corporation, Tanu (Tanushree Ghosh) is a mother, an activist, an artist and a writer. Her education has been primarily in the STEM fields (She has a PhD in Material Science and Chemistry from Cornell University and has worked at the Brookhaven National Laboratories) but she has pursued ‘the arts' defiantly throughout her life and will continue to do so forever. She is an active and past member of several international NGOs and she is currently working to open her organization - Her Rights - to facilitate resource mobilization for women in need. Her blog posts are in effort to provoke thoughts towards social issues, especially issues concerning women. Immigration and related acculturation is also of close interest to her. The latter is the topic of her first book currently in works titled 'Under The Seventh Tree'.
You can check out her posts at: http://www.thoughtsandrights.com/#!blog/cbfk
Below is the link to her personal website for more info: http://www.thoughtsandrights.com

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