Tarun Sakhrani

Investment banker, writer, traveler, wanna-be do-gooder and now an excited daddy-to-be

Tarun Sakhrani recently completed a stint in banking in Singapore. Before moving to Singapore, he got his MBA from the Manchester Business School in the UK. Prior to his MBA, Tarun lived in the U.S. He worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, on their capital markets desk in Chicago, working with and assisting companies around the world raise capital. He is an avid follower of sports and enjoys watching (and occasionally participating in) a variety of sports. Beyond sports, his interests expand into business, finance, politics and food. He enjoys traveling to new places, visiting new countries, learning about their cultures and people, and most importantly trying new cuisines. He is a self-professed foodie and loves experimenting in the kitchen as well. Having lived and worked on three different continents and completed his MBA, Tarun is looking for his new adventure... It could be at a desk, in the kitchen, or who knows where!