Tenille Livingston

Motivational speaker and writer

Tenille Livingston, originally from Toledo, Ohio, recently moved to Georgia as a leap of faith. She has persevered through many trials and learned to never give up. A mother of a teen son and twin girls, Tenille leads an active lifestyle, but uses her life experiences to inspire others. At the early age of 7, Tenille’s parents learned that she had a learning disability, but she did not allow it to stop her from believing in her dreams. Tenille believes that every obstacle is a stepping stone on the ladder of success that was created to empower you so that you may one day empower others to live the life they were destined to live. As a child, she found inspiration while watching "The Oprah Winfrey Show” and desired to share inspiration with people from all walks of life. While in high school during her senior year, she would use the choir room at Robert S. Rogers high school in Toledo, Ohio as center stage to inspire the young women around her and that’s where she received the nickname “Granny.”

Tenille recalled an episode where Oprah said it was cathartic to write and that day she was inspired to pick up her pen. Tenille has written and directed a stage play called “The Letters in His Closet: A Young Man’s Journey to Freedom" that was performed at the Black Spectrum Theater in Queens, New York on June 18 of 2011. In 2011, Tenille was given the position of drama teacher in an after school program at P.S. 116 in Queens, where she was then able to inspire children through theater. In 2012, Tenille moved to Georgia and while unsure of what she would do for work, Tenille was given Adobe software and was inspired to teach herself graphic design. Within three months time she had her first client and was well on her way.

In Tenille’s journey to inspire others her graphic design caught the eye of Tammie Shaw, the mother of actor Doc Shaw of “Disney XD” and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.” Tenille has also had the privilege of creating graphics for “Brely Evans” of the motion picture Sparkle and Xavier Lewis of “America’s Got Talent,” who was also featured on “Good Morning America.”

Tenille is known in social media for her magazine covers inspired by Tyler Perry, which have caught the eye of people from as far away as Africa.

Tenille dreams of working with Tyler and Oprah in the near future and believes that great success takes great preparation. You must take the first initial step toward your dream, write the vision down and believe.

In life, we face many challenges. Despite life’s obstacles, success requires that we keep the faith, remain consistent in the pursuit of our dreams, and adapt to change. There is nothing too impossible in which you can’t achieve. Stay focused, work hard and always believe.