Terry Tillman
Recovering Businessman, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Author, Coach, Scout

There’s a popular phrase these days: “Been there, done that.” Well, here’s the man they’re talking about, because our next teacher, Terry Tillman, is the living proof that it is possible to do it all. He’s a serial entrepreneur, everything from real estate development, construction and sales to video production to satellite television, and was a Type A workaholic until he turned his life around. He’s run seminars from Lifespring to Insight and has been teaching self-development in the wildernesses of Idaho and Patagonia for 25 years. Through his 22/7 Company he has done leadership and team-building seminars in 94 countries for large companies such as Ford, Ericsson, International Paper as well as many you’ve never heard of but will some day. He’s had vocations from ski instructor to private pilot to being the original banjo player in the Grammy Award winning New Christy Minstrels. When he was fifteen he designed the rocker-style track hurdle with Nike Founder Bill Bowerman and has been knocking over life’s hurdles ever since, like when he smuggled a seminar group into Siberia on military transports as communism was falling and before the area was opened to Westerners. His Berlin Wall book (available on amazon.com) tells of another adventure and contribution to peace.

You see what I mean? “Been there, done that.” Ladies and gentlemen, who better to show you how to unlock the door to opportunity than Terry Tillman.