The Modern Femme Movement
Bringing Working Women Together as We Lead the Charge to Redefine Success and Reclaim More Balanced and Purposeful Lives

The Modern Femme Movement is a widespread community of female entrepreneurs, small business owners and engaging professionals committed to challenging, supporting and encouraging like-minded, passionate working women. With the guidance and expertise of powerhouse female leaders, massively successful entrepreneurs and inspirational motivators, The Modern Femme Movement celebrates where ambition and family thrive in the life of today's balanced woman. Embracing a new definition of success, MFM champions a purposeful approach to business and self-care that achieves professional prowess while cultivating a present and fulfilled life at home. Annual convention and trade shows welcome working women from all walks of life to refresh, recharge and rekindle the unwavering focus of the modern entrepreneur working tirelessly to turn their personal and professional visions into reality each and every day.

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