The Other 98%
The Other 98% - Politics for the Rest of Us

American politics have been hijacked by the noisy lies of the teaparty fringe. They complain about being taxed too much, but do they even know that 95% of Americans received a tax cut from Obama. And this time the cuts didn’t go to just the super wealthy few like they did under Bush, but to folks like us just trying to get by. We can’t let the tea partiers drown out the truth about Obama’s tax cuts. Instead, let’s make sure that Americans get the facts – not just the hype.

Why We Feel the Need to Step Up and Be Heard:

We’ve had it with these teapartiers going on about a government takeover of this or being taxed to death by that.

What sent us out to organize this “Other 95%” project was our own surprise that we received several tax cuts from President Obama.

Then we read (here) that though 95% of us got a tax cut from Obama, less than 12% of us know it! This included our motley mix of friends from across the ideological aisle. (In fact, most of us don’t have much time to be actively involved in politics.)

For years, it was the opposite. The wealthiest Americans got the lion’s share of tax breaks. (Most of Bush’s 2001 tax cuts went to the richest 2%). It’s nice to see our President giving the rest of us a fair shake for a change.

We know the tea party members are not monolithic and that some participants are looking for a place to express their outrage about Wall Street bailouts and the unfairness of a tax system that gives massive tax breaks to global corporations and the very rich. We share these concerns –and want to work for a fair and responsible tax system.

That said, though nobody likes paying taxes, we’ve always believed that it was the patriotic duty of every American to support our country, our community and our military; and one of the ways we do this is through taxes. Taxes aren’t a burden we need a “break” from; they are our civic responsibility, and fundamental to our unique quality of life. Everyone who can afford to should pay their fair share.

We’re not trying to start a movement or a party; we’re just standing up for the truth, and thanking President Obama for looking out for average Americans. We are not tied to any Party or candidate. We think President Obama should do more to ensure that corporations and wealthy pay their fair share.

The Other 98% is (almost) all of us. It’s a political home for the silent majority of Americans who are tired of Tea Party extremism and want to focus on solving our nation’s challenges. Many people have asked about who is behind this project. Here is some more information about the folks that came together to start The Other 98%: organizer bios.