Thei Zervaki
A citizen of the world who likes to write about one-of-a-kind foods, chilled wines and historic cocktails

Thei Zervaki shares her culinary adventures on her blog www.fullybooked.biz, her new culinary word findings at ediblyy.com and is a regular food contributor for Southern Hospitality Magazines. She has contributed articles for CNN Travel, Harbors Magazine, Adelto, Consumer Search, Cruise Voyant, Odyssey Magazine, Gluten Free & More, Roads & Kingdoms, Golden Crescent, Matadornetwork, Parachute, Broblogger.net and she is a regular radio contributor for the Menu. She is also a trends hunter in gourmet stores and street markets. She loves culinary history books, weird words and dictionaries, and enjoys a glass of Riesling in hot and humid nights.

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