Tlalane Phofoli
Site coordinator, mothers2mothers

Tlalane is a site coordinator for mothers2mothers (m2m), an NGO which focuses on preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mothers to children; maintaining the health of the new mothers and their babies; and supporting the empowerment of these women in a society where this is critical to their chances for long-term survival.

Tlalane brings a wealth of diverse skills to her role: She has extensive communications experience and is a qualified secretary.

Prior to joining m2m, Tlalane was a personal assistant to the CEO at Tshidudu Health Solutions (Medical Aid Brokers) in Johannesburg, South Africa. She assumed the responsibility of providing all necessary support to the CEO, including liaising with very important clients.

Tlalane was dignosed with HIV in 2002; this was after her partner had passed away from AIDS related illnesses. In 2008 while living in Johannesburg, Tlalane was blessed with a pregnancy she had wanted for years, unfortunately she did not get much information from the clinic she went and chose to equip herself with information she found in magazines and pamphlets. Fortunately in 2009 she gave birth to a healthy HIV-negative daughter.

Later in 2009 Tlalane was called by the staff in the clinic she attended her postnatal care at, in Lesotho. They informed her of m2m, an organization that sought women living with HIV, who has successfully completed the PMTCTC program. Tlalane was then employed as m2m site coordinator. 

In her role as a site coordinator Tlalane ensures that all pregnant women who come to her clinic get all information they need to ensure they prevent transmitting HIV to their babies. She dedicates all her time in providing education and support to the women of her community, ensuring they live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Getting married and moving overseas are still Tlalane’s dreams, but more that that she wants to make sure that she lives to see her daughter grow into a woman, and that she does by adopting a positive attitude in life as a whole.

Tlalane is fluent in English and Sesotho and can speak IsiZulu, meaning she can speak three of the 11 official languages of South Africa even though she is a Lesotho national.