Tracy Worcester
Director, Farms Not Factories; Marchioness of Worcester; environmental activist

Tracy Worcester is the the Marchioness of Worcester, environmental activist, director of the film Pig Business, and mother. Formally an actress of stage and screen, Tracy has worked in the Environmental movement for the last 21 years campaigning, networking, fundraising, public speaking and, to reach a larger audience, has turned to film-making. She focuses on shifting ‘development' away from the dictates of giant corporations and banks back into the hands of citizens through local economic systems. Her films include ‘Is Small Still Beautiful?’ in India, ‘The Politics of Happiness’ in Bhutan, BBC World 2005 and ‘Pig Business’ (Channel 4 summer 2009). Pig Business charts the rise of the factory farm in the USA and the spread of the industrial model as multinational companies comb the globe for good investment climates i.e. most compliant governments offering the most generous subsidies and the lowest wages, environmental standards, enforcement standards and animal welfare standards; thus exposing the true cost of cheap meat.