Michigan-based boy band

Put all notions of the average band the last decade has produced aside. This isn’t that. There will be no toxically ambiguous song titles, no esoteric or deep messages meant to only evade fans and capture interest through calculated mystery. This music is refreshingly transparent. It’s simple. It’s raw. It’s everything you want to say the way you wish you would’ve. And that’s just where we begin.

The young Michigan band, TwentyForSeven, seems to be ushering in a wave of anthem music; pulling together everything we loved about the 90s and injecting the new sound of young freedom -- the kind we felt when we first heard Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” as adolescents trying to make sense of it all.

If laying eyes on them doesn’t melt your heart, their lyrics are sure to do the trick. The band makes honest music on a gut level, and speaks to the core of youth culture in a redemptive way. Calling TwentyForSeven a band really isn’t what does them justice. They’re a group of friends and their inspiration is the driving force behind that friendship: to leave a positive influence on fans, to be themselves and to help each other out. Simply put.

“We’re regular guys that want to share a message to our fans. You don’t have to do drugs to fit in. Being yourself speaks much louder and I think our songs express that,” said Blake, guitar.

TwentyForSeven, made up of Rajiv (20), Matt (20), Blake (20) and Corey (19), stepped on the scene two and a half years ago and have not looked back. The foursome signed with Detroit indie label, Live The Music Group in 2011. Their “actions speak louder than words” mentality has proven to everyone that their dreams are in reach.

“You could say we are a pop version of Maroon 5, Motley Crue and the Beach Boys,” said best friends Matt and Rajiv, vocals and bass. The easygoing former high school classmates are making waves in the industry. Their YouTube channel recently broke a million views without so much as an EP. The band has been featured on E!’s ‘Opening Act’ and has held the Pure Volume #1 spot multiple times.

It’s not quite rock, neither is it dance, pop or soul -- but rather, the perfect infusion of everything. Barely Breathing and Lesson Learned, the band’s newest music, hit the mark in every way. The eerily magnetic Lesson Learned pulls you in from jump with its pop-ladened track and an unexpected purity found within the voice of lead vocalist, Rajiv. Their music will leave you bouncing along to their energetic, feel-good sound of the new generation.

Rajiv - Lead vocal & guitar
Blake - Lead guitar & background vocals
Matt - Bass, keys & background vocals
Corey - Drums