Vanessa Morales
Actor y writer

Vanessa Morales is a first-generation Colombiana-Americana actor/writer born, raised, and currently living in NYC with a happy dose of Hudson County, NJ sprinkled in. She's a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and on the board of NextGen Performers, a subcommittee of MOVE New York. She's a graduate of New York University, but believes tuition in this country is ridiculously expensive. Determined to make a change in the representation of Latinos in the U.S., Vanessa just finished writing a sitcom pilot with diverse and complex characters, is in the process of writing 3 other projects that revolve around immigration and politics as it affects the Latino population all while still auditioning for roles in NYC. Another goal of hers is to master writing brilliantly long sentences like one of her favorite novelists, Gabriel García Márquez. Give her some time. You can catch her riding her Harley (not in the winter months because she's a wimp) and practicing or teaching yoga all over this very unbalanced city. Stay tuned, and always be kind. She can be reached at, or