Winged Victory
Mother,musician,blogger at www.boozemusings.com

Raising my kids in Europe as an American is an adventure indeed and worth a blog of its own, but my blogging began when I signed up to take a one year alcohol free challenge on the website HelloSundayMorning . After many years of being the one who often drank a bit too much I found as I neared my fiftieth birthday that wine was becoming a cumbersome ball and chain. On March 6, 2015 I sat down at my computer, started writing, reading and discussing and have been sensationally, creatively, consciously sober ever since. While enjoying my beautiful life I hope to publish perspective that will encourage people to Rethink the Drink. I publish publicly here in Huffington Post as Winged Victory, on my Web Site www.boozemusings.com as DEA and privately in a closed facebook group among friends from the HSM community.You can also find me on facebook at Boozemusings