Write for the Future
College Admissions Essay Program

The Write for the Future blog is a space for writers, admissions directors, educators, parents, students and young people to come together to engage in a conversation on writing, education and the college admissions process. Every Friday, we present coming of age stories in “Essay of the Week.” Other posts explore portraits of admissions directors in our “Conversations on Admitting” column. We also feature interviews and conversations with writers, educators and students and explore writing and the college admissions from multiple perspectives. In the view of Write for the Future, admissions essays are a powerful opportunity for high school students to experience an intellectual Coming of Age. We use the college essay as a teaching tool to help students grow as writers and thinkers. The Write for the Future process guides students to utilizing the tools of journalism to produce essays that are powerful and personal commentaries on religion, race, global citizenship, divorce, death, and many other issues. More than 150 students have gone through the program, directed by writer and NYU journalism professor David Dent, over the past five years. For more information, visit writeforthefuture.com.

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