Yasamin Beitollahi
Digital Media Professional, Huffington Post Contributor, Public Speaker, Passionate about Gender Equality

Yasamin Beitollahi is an innovative marketing professional, contributor for The Huffington Post, and advocate for gender equality. She runs a boutique digital marketing firm, which builds marketing strategies that satisfy stakeholders' information needs and corporate objectives alike. She has advised multiple members of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, Cox, General Dynamics, and PayPal. She has also advised numerous nonprofits, including TEDGlobal and Habitat for Humanity.

As a writer, Yasamin co-created the "Twitter Powerhouse Series" for Huffington Post which focuses on the contributions of people who have helped to expand, influence and redefine how we view social media. In total, there were 29 issues which included exclusive interviews with Arsenio Hall, Gretchen Rubin and Naomi Campbell.

In 2016, she launched a new series for Huffington Post entitled, "Millennials Paving The Way", which highlights today's brightest Millennials who are empowering and inspiring future generations. She also writes about philanthropy, gender equality and leadership.

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