01/08/2011 12:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

On Kissing Tom Coughlin's A**

Interesting, Tom. You want your critics to kiss your ass. But let's take a look at that 10-6 record you're so proud of and which apparently got you to keep your job. Your team played 5 games against opponents with winning records for the 2010 season and you lost 4 of them. Your other 2 losses were against teams with losing records, including Dallas at home. That game was overlooked in all the media coverage of the collapse. The Dallas loss showed you have a team that has bad let-downs. As for your 10 wins, one, only one, was against a team with a winning record for the season. Losing those two games toward the end of the season was not an anomaly. The team played to its level in those games.

Your quarterback has regressed under your coaching and would barely make a list of the top ten quarterbacks in the league. Your martinet-like style has not translated to on the field efficiency given your turnover-prone offense. The failure to have a "hands" team on the field as the Eagles were making a comeback was beyond incompetent. Andy Reid said if he saw those players on the field he wouldn't have tried the onside kick. When the Pats were throttling the Jets, Bill B. assembled his entire team on the sidelines to talk to them, presumably to tell them to keep the pressure on. Where was your team meeting on the sidelines when the Eagles were coming back? You were in panic mode. (See absence of a "hands" team.) You don't prepare your teams well during the week. You don't manage the game well when it's played.

Many of the sportswriters who cover the Giants and various sports radio hosts are all for you, and so is ownership. I heard John Mara extolling the virtues of the 10 and 6 season. He didn't look closely enough at the numbers. So you have your job. And we Giants fans have you. The problem for us is that your vulgarity is the least of your shortcomings.