03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods For Congress?

The hiatus from golf initiated by Tiger Woods has encouraged a team of Republican Party strategists to draw up a proposal for Woods to run for a House seat from his home district in Florida. "He'd fit right in to a culture where he'd be welcomed," said a GOP insider. "Many members of Congress play golf and conduct extramarital affairs."

"We understand Tiger is accustomed to perks and special treatment because of his celebrity. He would have continuity in that regard in Congress since its members are well accustomed to receiving perks and special treatment. We're not concerned with such a focused athlete adjusting to politics," the insider continued. "With the Democrats in power we keep it simple and only vote 'no.'"

When asked if they were certain of Woods' party affiliation the insider said, "Even if he voted, say, for Obama his personal brand reads Republican, he's a millionaire and he works in country clubs."

The strategists hope to approach Woods in the near future with their plans for his political career. As for his electability the insider was optimistic. "We might have a problem with some married women. But none of the women he was apparently involved with were hookers. They at least had part time jobs. So Tiger should do well with working women, especially ones with part time jobs."

"We're thinking of his future," the GOP insider said. "He can't play golf forever and he can be in the House or Senate well into his nineties even if he can no longer remember things."