04/26/2012 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Great Eco-Outfit, Head to Toe, for Him and Her

Got nothing green to wear? Let's fix that.


The Kampong shirt by GRAMICCI sits well on the body and, like many of the brand's laid-back pieces, was dyed using a low-impact process. Gramicci incorporates buttons made from recycled materials, as well as hemp, into many of its offerings. $27

The made-in-the-U.S.A. PET belt from CROAKIES looks simultaneously streamlined and rugged. Its webbing is made from recycled water bottles, and it's got one-size-fits-all versatility -- just trim to your waist size. $20, available at REI

OUTLIER's 4Season OG pants may not consist of outright green materials (they're 80 percent nylon), but if you drive everywhere to avoid the sartorial hassles of a bike commute, these are your solution. They look like a crisp pair of slacks -- so you can show up to work in them -- but they stretch, wick, and breathe almost like Lycra. $188

Men's dress shoes with true eco-cred are hard to find, since most office-appropriate foot coverings are leather. Fortunately, the Portuguese company NOVACAS (the name means "no cows") makes the vegan Justin loafer. Their durable microfibers are 80 percent biodegradable, cranked out in factories with strict eco-standards, and are are free of PVC and other toxins. $135, available at MooShoes


A sturdy, comfortable sweatshirt with a flattering fit, PLAYBACK's Zip Hoodie is constructed from 100% recycled cotton and polyester. $55

MODO's polarized, retro-modern shades, from its Eco line, have subtle tortoiseshell accenting and the cool factor of those throwback Ray-Bans. They're made from melted-down plastic and metal and come in a recycled-paper box that you can use as a mailer via which to donate your old specs. Modo plants a tree for every pair of Eco frames sold. $175 for model 301 (pictured)

Denim is a notoriously water-sucking textile to produce. So LEVI'S began supporting more efficient cotton-growing methods and came up with a new fabric called WaterLess, which, the company claims, has saved more than 40 million gallons since its debut in late 2010. WaterLess comes in the classic 501 and many other styles, but we like the Modern Demi Curve Straight Jeans (pictured) for their clean, slim look. $33 to $78 (depending on color)

OKA-B's Taylor ballet flats come in an origami-inspired box so pretty it can be reused as a home accent. They'll add polish to any getup and are comfortable, flexible, and durable. After you've kicked them off for the last time, send them to the company's zero-waste facility in Georgia to be made into new shoes. $45

via "Sierra" magazine / photos by Lori Eanes