she++: The Documentary Trailer Release

In the United States in 2009, women earned 57 percent of all undergraduate degrees and 50 percent of all math and science degrees, but only 18 percent of all technology and information sciences-related degrees. What's going on?

Last year, Stanford student-founded she++ hosted the University's first conference on women in tech. This year we're back with those faces and more in she++: The Documentary.

she++: The Documentary (12 min: TV-14 DL; Releasing April 1, 2013) introduces the world of technology by following the stories of smart, creative, and trailblazing good girls gone geek. This short film galvanizes us to explore our potential as 'femgineers.' Written and directed by Stanford University students and she++ co-founders Ayna Agarwal and Ellora Israni, she++: The Documentary encourages the future CEOs, the innovative engineers, the techies and the fuzzies, the sisters, mothers, and daughters, to defy the stereotype in entering a revolutionary field. Technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and all demographics must harness it to transform and empower our ideas. Think of what the 'femgineers' could do.

The film captures stories from high school girls, computer science students, female founders, Stanford academics, and Silicon Valley venture capitalists. We build momentum as she++: The Documentary accumulates facts, statistics, and, most promisingly, personal stories. This film will startle the world and inspire girls, of all ages, to empower their visions with technology.

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