02/08/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

8 Grammy-Nominated Songs Critiqued by a First-Grader

Written by Sunny Chanel for

"Hey sweetie, wanna help mommy with an article?" I asked my 7-year-old daughter when I picked her up from school on Thursday.

"Maybe, what is it about?" she coyly replied not unlike a seasoned freelancer.

"Well, I'd have you give us your thoughts on the Grammy Award nominees," I informed her.

"What are the Grammys? Is it for old people?" she asked.

"Well, not old, old. They're music awards, and it's a big deal."

"Oh, first I thought it was awards for old people, like for grandmas."

I had never really thought that the Grammys could have been mistaken for paying tribute to grandmothers, but it makes sense if you had never heard of the awards before. We then spent the afternoon listening to the Grammy nominations in such categories like "Best Rock Performance," "Best Pop Solo Performance," and "Song of the Year." I intentionally did not include "Best Hard Rock Song" or "Best Country Song" since that really isn't her cup of tea, and I didn't want an afternoon of complaining. And the "Best Rap Song" category was so not age-appropriate. These 8 Grammy nominees, are, in the most part, family-friendly.

Check out what my little first grader thought of the Grammy nominees right here:

8 Grammy-nominated Songs Critiqued by a First Grader

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