05/07/2015 04:27 pm ET Updated May 07, 2016

The Greatest Mother's Day Card Ever Written

Mother's Day, 2015

Dear Me,

Happy Mother's Day! I am so proud of you. Another year has gone by and you have done your best. You have passionately loved your family and worked hard to give them what they need and want. You have tried. I love that about you.

I wish peace for you. I wish that you learn how to take care of yourself, even though it may feel foreign. From an early age, you were taught that mothers put everyone else first. This year, I wish that you would take the time for self-care. Sleep. Rest. Quiet. Understand that it may feel indulgent but this is how you already care for everyone else. It is an act of generosity to yourself and to your family.

As the next year unfolds, I will remind myself over and over again of the following mantras. I will keep myself top of mind.

I will be mindful of my own dreams.

As I attempt to manage my life and feel unsure, I will remember to treat myself as I would like to be treated. It sounds trite, but when I feel confounded, I will remember to treat the kids and my partner with the love and attention that I want. I will do the same for myself. Would I want to see my children dismiss their own dreams to care take 24 hours a day? Would I like to see my children become bitter and resentful because they ignored themselves? I will set the tone. I will embrace the notion that things will get done. The family is more than capable to do things for themselves. It may not show, but they will treasure their new independence.

I will tell my family members what I need.

Life is short. I will not make people guess. When my family responds, it feels like love because it is. Who ever told us that if you have to tell someone your needs, the response is less meaningful?

I matter without the love of others.

I do not need to be loved by others. I will learn that I am loved by others. I will stop questioning the love of the people around me. I will repeat the mantra,

"I matter. I matter. I matter. I love and like myself and that is more than enough."
It is okay if I have to repeat this truth over and over again.

Here's to peace.

I love you,