02/24/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Teens, Tweens and

Back during my teen years when you were going on a "date" a boy actually came to your house, preferably in a car to take you somewhere like the movies or maybe even out for dinner. And, he had to get you home by a clear and specific time.

These days "dating" has taken on many more meanings.


1. In middle school a boy and a girl who have done nothing other than exchange three text messages may be "dating."

2. Exchanging Facebook messages in the private inbox may also be considered "dating" by the teen set.

3. And, how about this? A boy "likes" a few of your Facebook photos and, yep, that may mean that you are on the threshold of "dating" him.

What all three of these scenarios have in common is that tweens/teens may actually be "dating" someone that they interact with solely on an electronic basis.This is so odd but consider how much money is saved. Hey, I always like to look on the bright side. No movie tickets need to be purchased, no pizza needs to be paid for and what a savings on paying for expensive gasoline. So, how is a parent to know if their child is "dating?" Let me give you some clues. Here are some of the abbreviations that may appear in their electronic messages:

1. GF:Girlfriend

2. BF:Boyfriend

3. 143:I love you!

4. GNOC:Get Naked on Camera (YIKES).


5.LDR:Long Distance Relationship

I sure hope that this helps. LOL