04/15/2012 07:19 pm ET Updated Jun 15, 2012

Bridgetown Second Night

Okay, second day down of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival! I just want to say how awesome and well produced and professional and perfectly detailed this whole ordeal is. The first show I went to was at the Eagle's Lodge with my friend the gorgeous and funny Maggie Maye from Austin. Everyone on the show was so professional and funny including Kate Berlant, Matt Ruby, Cory Loykasek, Dave Thomason, Josh Gondelman and Sagar Bhatt. It was a really funny strong show, and definitely more funny than the seniors playing bingo dressed as pirates in the side room of the Eagle's Lodge (seriously.)

The second show at the Eagle's Lodge was my first show in the festival! I was so incredibly nervous to be performing with people I really respect like the brilliantly clever Myq Kaplan and the charismatic Alex Koll. The show was so good and everyone on it was funny and after I got off stage I was shaking with all the adrenaline of performing. I love doing shows that make me remember why I love comedy. The audience was fantastic and kind. The lineup was solid. Jake Barker hosted and did a fantastic job. He was followed by the charming and hysterical, sweet, cool, funny Alice Wetterlund, who killed, then me. After me was Claire Titelman, a super, quirky, absurdly cool lady from LA who cracked me up and I was overjoyed to meet her. And then there was the very funny Will Whedon and Susana Lee and then Alex Koll from San Francisco who really cracked me up. Myq Kaplan closed it out with a lot of new stuff I hadn't seen before, which was awesome. He's so funny and smart and the crowd was on board with him from the beginning.

The festival is so cool and fun for both performers and audience members. Every single show I've been to has some of the funniest people I've ever seen. It's a delight and an honor to get to be around such cool, talented, and dedicated people. I wish I could say I'm learning more but I'm really just having too much fun, but maybe that is how you learn? I got to see over four hours of some of the best stand up in the country and I consider myself super lucky!