11/13/2014 08:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Allstate to Provide FREE "Silver Lining" to All With Breast Cancer


In what I consider to be one of the absolutely best ways I have ever seen to help everyone who has received a breast cancer diagnosis, Allstate has partnered with author Hollye Jacobs to give a free copy of her book, "The Silver Lining - A Companion Guide" to all in the United States through October, 2015. What an unprecedented gift giving this is!

If you are not familiar with Hollye and her work, this offering is a practical and supportive guide for anyone that details what you need to know and what you can expect from the time you are diagnosed through surgery, chemo, radiation, recovery and nutrition. It deals with other important issues as well such as talking to the children, the emotional impact of treatment and what to expect after treatment has ended. Each chapter is full of practical information and suggestions and contains a place to write your own notes. Such help and guidance is something that I know each of us wish that we would have had to help us when we faced this journey.

One of the most important things to know is that Hollye Jacobs is a nurse who has personally dealt with breast cancer. She does a beautiful job of providing great information, practical ideas and suggestions and a whole lot of inspiration for us. She covers the full spectrum of experiences in a way that helps the reader to feel empowered when dealing with their experiences rather than being fearful because of not knowing what to expect. This book is a real treasure trove for anyone who wishes to have a part in their own treatment and recovery choices. This is invaluable.

There is no way that I can thank the Good Hands People at Allstate for this great offering that is free of charge to all who have or will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. I know that when I read the letter contained in the book from Tom Wilson, Chairman & CEO at Allstate Insurance, I found a kindred spirit in my desire to help support and inspire those dealing with breast cancer. It reads in part:

"No one should feel alone in the struggle against breast cancer. Every person facing this very difficult disease needs personal support, and compassion can be shown in many ways. It is my hope and Allstate's hope that this Guide will prove to be a source of comfort, knowledge and inspiration to all who read it."

I would like to encourage everyone to obtain a copy of this book. It will provide you with all of the help and inspiration and guidance that I have described and will continue to be an excellent resource both now and in the future. And for anyone who continues to believe that big companies and organizations don't care about anything but the bottom line, I suggest that you share with them what Allstate is doing for all us dealing with breast cancer. Perhaps Breast Cancer "Awareness" Month might look a little different this time around.