09/28/2015 05:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Don't We Have a Cure for Breast Cancer?


With Breast Cancer Awareness Month upon us and so many companies and organizations and individuals doing their best to raise money for breast cancer causes and groups everywhere, the same question always arises regarding why we don't have a cure for breast cancer. After all, look at all the money that is raised for this cause, not only during this month but throughout the year. On the surface, it might seem to some that the money must be going to line the pockets of those connected with the big organizations and/or to those who are receiving funds for research and development and they aren't really interested in finding a cure because then they would be out of work. But, based upon what I have learned over the years, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here I am just addressing breast cancer and no other cancers. I suppose the most important thing that I have learned from my own experience is that there are different kinds of breast cancers and every single cancer tumor has its own unique DNA. This explains to me why a "one size fits all" mentality will never work with the limited knowledge that we currently have on the subject. So while a significant number of researchers are continuing relentlessly to find a common denominator, we know that we are not there yet. That leads to finding treatments to negate the various cancers and thus prolonging a cancer victim's life.

There are a vast number of drugs and treatments on the market currently that are used alone or in combinations. All of these products have reached the market after years of research, testing and finally, government approval. However, just as the cancers are unique, so are the patients that are prescribed these treatments. A drug or combo that has successfully worked to shrink the cancer in one person may never work for the next. A certain drug that worked for one person for years may have to be abandoned after only weeks or months for another. Each combination of drugs and/or therapies must be constantly checked within an individual to determine whether it is having the desired results.

These examples only begin to scratch the surface of what goes on in the breast cancer world. I believe that just about everyone has been touched by breast cancer whether it be personally or in the lives of a family member or friend or associate. I can't believe that any person or organization or research company would ever hold back on finding a better treatment and ultimately a cure after seeing the devastation that this disease has wreaked on the individual and their families and caregivers and the world around them. If the cure is found for breast cancer, there are still so many other unique cancers alone that need further research in finding a cure and a myriad of other diseases with which people are currently suffering. Therefore, I find it impossible to believe that anyone or any company has the solution and is holding out on the world for selfish reasons.

The pink ribbon and the wearing of the pink should serve as a reminder of all of the work left to do. It is to remind us that there are those working non-stop throughout the world to find treatments to assist those who are currently suffering. There are those working to find the cure so that other women will never have to know what it is like to deal with this cancer. But, please know that the money raised also goes to assist with screenings, diagnostic procedures, surgeries, medical and chemical treatments, support services, education and a whole host of other needs of both patients and their families. Therefore, I hope that you know that anything and everything that you do to support the breast cancer community is needed and appreciated so much more than you may ever know. And I do believe that with all of us working together, we will ultimately find the cure.