06/01/2015 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why I Will Enjoy Today for Today


Today is May 20, 2015. It is a very special day. The reason that it is special is because there has never, ever been a May 20, 2015 and there will never, ever be another one again. As far as I see it, that is pretty special and because I was fortunate enough to wake up this morning, I get to enjoy this beautiful day and do with it whatever I wish. Wow, that gives me a lot of power now, doesn't it? So why would I not enjoy this day for its uniqueness, knowing that there will never, ever be another one like it again?

Some would say that my thinking is perfectly ridiculous because every day is just like any other day but they would be completely wrong. The things that happen in the news today will only occur today. Those babies who will come into the world today will certainly have a day unlike anything that they have known or lived in the past. Those who pass away today will be entering a realm that they have never experienced before. And for each of us, today will be etched in our life's story for being special because we have never lived a day before exactly like today nor will we be able to do so again for as long as we live.

For those who know Kirk and me and our music, you will be familiar with how I view each day of life. The lyrics of our song, "The Painting" express that I see each day as exactly that, a painting. We start the day with a blank canvas that we can paint upon. We create that painting as we move through the day and when the day is over and the night has come, our painting for that day is completed. It is at that point that we can look back to see what we have created. Each day when I do this, I always hope that I am proud of my work and that I have done my very best. But, most importantly, I know that if I am fortunate enough to wake up in the morning, I get a brand new canvas and that I can make it exactly what I want it to be.

There will be days that will be memorable because of some very special happenings or events and they will stand out for us for all times. But to know that each day is special in and unto itself gives rise to the fact that we have the power to make it as awesome as we want. For me, the measurement of a wonderful day is one in which I treat every person that I meet with respect and kindness and love and that I treat myself in exactly the same way. I recognize that I am as special and unique as this day that I have been given. This day is my day and I have every right to live it as I choose and my choice is to make a gorgeous canvas. It doesn't matter what I do on any other level.

For those who wish to join me but don't know how to make their day so special, I would like you to know that it does take a bit of work in the beginning to create the habits that can make it this way. Gratitude will help you on this path more than anything else. Be grateful for the person that you are and for what you have accomplished despite all of the difficulties that you have had to overcome. Be grateful for those people around you who help to light up your life but also be grateful for those who are mean, rotten and miserable. They help us to remember that we have the choice to be that way, too, but have chosen differently and for that we are so much happier. Whenever you encounter someone who treats you in any way other than with kindness, just think about how miserable they must be inside in order to do that to someone else. And when something comes along that upsets or stresses you, turn it around and focus on some way to fix it, make it better or recognize that the best thing for you is to just let it go and move on to something positive. If you do these few simple things, you will soon be looking back upon each day that you have been given and know just how special you made that day. What more could you ever want for yourself in this life than that?