09/10/2014 03:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Brilliant: Her Class Is No Act


More than 100 female victims (and one male) were a part of what is being called the "biggest showbiz hacking scandal." The red carpet starlets were shaken by the invasion of privacy, but are busily taking action. The best-known of course being none other than Jennifer Lawrence, the A-lister who has stolen our heart with her keep-it-real, brazen sassiness. The stolen pics reportedly showcase a nude Jennifer in a variety of sexy poses and others in lingerie. But Jennifer is pushing down the negative uprising over the photos and fighting back -- legally AND socially. She may only be 24, but Jennifer has proven to us time and time again that she works with a depth far beyond her years, and is a force to reckon with -- on stage and on the streets.

Here are 4 reasons to watch -- and learn from -- Jennifer's class act:

1. She knows brevity is commanding. While many in her shoes would take advantage of her media platform and have plenty to say about her virtual attackers, her official statement was two sentences.

She said, "This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos."

Case closed. No need to give abusers more of a spotlight and platform.

2. She knows when to apologize. While apologizing is the ethical thing to do when you've committed a wrong, Jennifer knew she was the victim in this circumstance. There was no crying in embarrassment, no apologizing to those who were possibly offended and no long speech about what it's like to be a celebrity these days. She was classy, clean and refreshingly non-apologetic.

3. She quickly makes new news. When you make "nude photo" headlines just as Jennifer did, it will forever be attached to your name in search engines everywhere. But if Jennifer has anything to do with it, she will be too busy achieving upcoming news for those past headlines to matter.

In fact, Jennifer is quick on her feet and has moved on from photo frenzy 2014, and is busy setting world records. According to the Guinness World Records 2015, Jennifer's Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen is officially the highest grossing action movie heroine of all time!

4. She redefines the shame game. Shame is getting a new name if Jennifer has anything to do with it. Shame does not lie in the photographs, but in the actions of those who have stolen their personal property and bootlegged it across the world. In standing with class amongst the circumstances, Jennifer has caused an uprising of female support everywhere.

Actress Emma Watson summed it up nicely on Twitter saying, "Even worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy."

We may live in a society where, as it is, people overshare on the web (think every dinner choice, or bubble bath), but choosing to share an intimate part of yourself with an intended recipient is a right we should always know is safe and sacred. Jennifer is doing her part in demanding that our private moments stay private. And should they unfortunately be stolen, that our society's ethical scale will fall to the side of empathy and integrity and not view or share the abuse of privacy further.

This week, I ask my fellow females to stand up to sites that allow this type of stolen "sharing" a home on the web. Various social sites have released statements that basically say they will allow such "leaks" to find refuge on their sites because it is up to the viewer to decide what is ethically right or wrong to click on. While this is true, is it respectable? Think of it this way: If you owned a retail store and knew an entire aisle of your supplied merchandise was stolen would you still provide a storefront for it, or turn it in to the authorities?

Remember Chaka Khan's song "I'm Every Woman?" Let that concept fill you today. There is a common thread in each of us, a part that wants to feel free to be sexy and candid, and safe within the confines of our intimate settings. Imagine if your bedroom walls suddenly ended up on the web one day. Stand behind women everywhere (leaks or no leaks) and support them. This means in your conversation, opinions and viewpoints. May every woman feel free to be fully herself -- especially behind closed doors.