11/18/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

20 Things Pit Bull Parents Are Tired Of Hearing

One of the cool things about being a dog-friendly company is that our lunchtime conversations tend to focus on all things dog. We all share tidbits about our dogs' lives, including all the TMI details. We also kvetch about pup parent pawblems, like how Andi the WienerDog ate a whole sandwich and gassed the office with deadly farts, or the rude things people say to us when walking down the street with our Pittie.

So we decided to ask our pawsome followers over on Facebook what other things Pit Bull parents are sick and tired of hearing from people, and these were the results:

1. "Those types of dogs are vicious and should be killed."
via Laura Fisher

2. "'They all turn... every single one. It's in their blood.' Guess they're right, Lulu turned into a cupcake holder."
via Charls Bersola

3. "How will you stop them from fighting each other?"
via Samantha Steffey

4. "Did you know where I live, you can't breed Pit Bulls, and soon you won't be able to own them. It's for the best, really, they are a dangerous breed."
via Jacqueline Bassignani

5. "They can't be trusted."
via Paige Enke Lefever

6. "I can't believe you brought a dog LIKE THAT in public."
via Ayanna Washington

7. "They are dangerous and unpredictable."
via Christine Rahn

8. "I can't believe you trust them around your baby. Don't you think they will think he's a toy of prey to attack?"
via Emily Dale Giguere

9. "You better get rid of it before bringing your son home, she'll hurt him."
via Kate Lippincott

10. "They were bred to kill!"
via Lindsay Nearmyer-Hunter

11. "It's a matter of when, not if, he will bite."
via Missy Cunningham

12. "We're a pet friendly condo, but we don't allow aggressive breeds like yours."
via Lauren Noelle Brownawell

13. "Oh she's too sweet to be full Pit. There's gotta be some Lab in her." WTF. No, she's actually part unicorn.
via Emily Lam

14. "She may be nice now, but when the baby comes it'll change...she's a Pit Bull."
via Krysti Leonard

15. "There's no such thing as a good Pit Bull. They're all inherently dangerous."
via Kiah Nava

16. "You let her that close to your face???"
via Jordyn Morris

17. "Don't you want kids someday? Aren't you worried they will attack your kids?"
via DeLanie Monnot

18. "I will never let my kids around Pit Bulls."
via Holly Boo

19. "You know their jaws lock, don't you?"
via Lauren Ginsberg

20. "Be careful, he's got some pit in him."
via Dave Sousa

What else are you Pit Bull parents tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below!

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