06/19/2015 08:15 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2016

Truth Through Fiction

There is so much to see, and yet you must learn how to see.

Gary Grossman - Old Earth Socrates, Plato and Aristotle gave us our first glimpse into seeking truth. In short, they said that: Truth is that which corresponds to reality.

Throughout history some of the greatest "truths" we know came through the master writers of fiction. From Shakespeare to Hemingway the deep understandings of humanity, the "truth" of our nature and our way of being, was expressed through stories. The stories may have been fiction, but at their pinnacle they illuminated the truth about ourselves.

An old man forgets much of his yesterdays, but sees his tomorrows clearly.

Gary Grossman - Old Earth My guest this week, on most of our PBS stations, follows that same principle. He is Gary Grossman and his recent book Old Earth is an example of fiction that sheds light on our reality. It is being heralded throughout the country as it won the Grand Prize for Fiction at the Amsterdam Book Festival and the Best Science Fiction Novel at this year's New York Festival of Books.

Gary started his career as a journalist at a time when truth was a journalist's main objective.

Like all great works of fiction, in my conversation with Gary I was able to discuss his work on a philosophical, historical and sociological level while even omitting almost all the fictional elements.

As we all continue our journey on this tiny blue marble in the universe there always remains great mysteries of life that we will seek. The answers however may not be found by searching for the usual suspects in the usual places. As Gary writes in Old Earth:

What we will never know is greater than what we will ever find.

Enjoy the episode and may all the great fathers, who often times are our first guide to truth, have a joyous Father's Day filled with love.

Happy Father's Day,