03/26/2014 12:18 pm ET Updated May 26, 2014

Finally, a Gun Law That Makes No Sense

I am not sure when the age of sanity actually began, but it is in full bloom now. The recent gun measure about to be signed in Georgia says it all. The new law allows for guns to be carried into bars, schools, and airports. I know this nation loves the Second Amendment, "the right to bear arms," even though that's not the full sentence. It seems we are past arguing that issue... so be it, sad to say. But this Georgia law defies all logic. Is there a pent-up demand to carry guns into bars? Are Georgia residents complaining on a daily basis that they are being denied the right to carry their guns into a bar? I have to tell you, I have never met a person who lamented that they can't carry a gun into a bar. I didn't know that was on someone's wish list.

These lawmakers did make one restriction on guns in bars, at least. You can't drink if you carry a loaded weapon. Let me ask a question: Why do you want to go to a bar with a gun and not drink? Is there a thrill in just being there, armed and dangerous? The NRA calls it "a historic victory for the Second Amendment." It's a victory, but the downside is you can't drink in a bar? Can someone explain this logic? And what's the economic benefit to the bar owner? He can have gun-toting customers who can't drink? And how does he know if the customer is carrying a gun when he orders a whiskey? Is the bartender suppose to ask the customer if he is carrying a weapon? Does he have to put in a metal detector at the door?

The problem is these lawmakers don't actually follow through on their twisted gun regulation logic. No details for how this will work are forthcoming. Only this statement, "We're not going to decide what goes on inside the bar. Let the bar owner decide." As if every Georgia bartender yearned for that responsibly...

As to the ruling that an individual can carry a gun to an airport and hang around in public spaces? This freedom has now been granted as well. They can hang around an airport as long as they wish, armed and dangerous... They just can't fly anywhere. The age of insanity rolls on....