03/28/2013 10:35 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Same-Sex Marriage -- Things Change

As the same-sex marriage debate plays out in the Supreme Court, a few thoughts on religion came to mind. There are those who say such an act is contrary to religious beliefs. And I can't argue that point, I'm not a theologian, but don't religious beliefs and practices continue to evolve over time? Nothing is a constant in the world we live in. The Easter Parade is on Sunday. A fun day. People dress up, chocolate bunnies and other treats are consumed. Songs about the Easter Parade have filled the air for decades it seems. Was this a common practice in the time of Jesus? He was crucified. Nailed to a cross, and today we celebrate that in fun and giddy ways. Things change.

We celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, but it is filled with the Santa Claus myth. Christmas trees and snow. Stockings filled and mistletoe. Nothing of the sort existed during the time of Jesus, and there was little or no snow around Bethlehem. Certainly not a reindeer in sight. Things change.

During the time of Jesus, there wasn't a pope, no cardinals, bishops or nuns. There was no Christianity during the time of Jesus. But things change.

There is the Old Testament and the New Testament. Originally, there was just the Testament. It was the Word of God. Apparently the Word of God needed to be updated and rewritten. So, God's words were changed. Now we have two versions of the word of God. Somehow life moved on. Things change.

It's hard for many to accept change, it is filled with anxiety and fears, but in the scheme of things, marriage between couples of the same sex seems like baby steps.